Tim Sloane

Tim is a leadership coach and consultant who helps leaders grow and create a better future - for their company, for themselves, their families, and their communities. Tim's diverse background and work experience, ranging from startups to global corporations including Expedia, Microsoft, and Amazon, deepens his coaching and consulting with meaningful insights about how different settings can drive or constrain our effectiveness. He takes a mind-body oriented approach to help leaders harness their inner strengths and manifest change in their organization.

Tim offers diverse programs and services including individual and leadership team coaching, 360 assessments, leadership development workshops, trusted advisor partnerships, customer experience and operational excellence consulting, plus a culture fulfillment program.

Education and Training: Tim Sloane is a certified Strozzi Institute Somatic Coach His certifications include: The Leadership Circle Profile™, The Collective Leadership Assessment™, The Leadership System™, certifications from Coaches Rising in Neuroscience of Change and The Art of Developmental Coaching, and additional studies in neurobiology with Amanda Blake’s “Body = Brain®” course. Tim is also a certified Actuator with The Culture Fix Academy™.

Trainings and Workshops Offered:

  • The Culture Fix Academy™ 
  • Leadership Collective Survey™ 
  • Leadership Circle Profile™ 
  • Leader to Leader™ Workshops
  • Individual and Collective Coaching 
  • Trusted Advisor Partnerships 
  • Operational Excellence Consulting  

Leadership Today: When faced with leadership challenges some leaders try to adopt a new way of being using old ways of learning by reading a book, listening to a lecture, or watching a video. These are great tools for taking in new ideas, but unfortunately, having a pretty good idea of what to do is rarely enough to help them do things differently.

To become a more effective leader you need more than just good ideas. You need to embody a way a being that supports your vision and goals. In other words, you need to practice this new way; this means you need to engage your body as well as your mind.

This practice develops an embodied leadership presence that builds trust and gets things done. This kind of leadership comes from the inside out, and cultivating it requires training your whole self.

Important qualities Tim Sloane brings to his clients: Tim brings presence, empathy, curiosity, intuition, patience, calm and innate understanding. Tim helps people articulate what they want, define its characteristics, and format the narrative and practices that can help them put those longings within reach and in motion.

When Not Working: Tim spends time exploring in the trees and growing Dahlia’s on his property in Southworth that he shares with his husband and two cats.