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Centered at Work

Discover and apply the foundations and techniques for high performance, focus and resilience for individuals and teams.  We use a model of facilitated conversations, insights and methods to increase energy, clarity and success.  Offered as weekly 1-hour sessions for 4 to 6 weeks or as quarterly offsites. Interactive, informative, practical, and fun!

Centered Resilience

  • Less Stress, More Joy
  • Success with Changes
  • The Well of Wellbeing
  • Mindful Mindset

Centered Success

  • Peak Performance
  • Find Focus
  • Priority Power
  • Centered Collaboration

Centered Culture

  • Trust Mindset
  • Effective Feedback
  • Centered Communication
  • Mindful Inclusion

Centered Career

  • Create Career Clarity
  • Growth Mindset Applied
  • Smart Grit
  • Team Coaching: Career Development Goals, Plan, Action

We work with you to create content and experiences that are most impactful for your team/org, considering team goals, values, challenges, and culture.