Sara Dawson, CHPC, HCI-CHC

Sara is a leadership and life coach who partners with individuals at all organizational levels and career stages. She is passionately focused on helping them raise their bar to achieve their professional and personal goals. Some common focus areas in Sara’s coaching practice include developing confidence, creating work-life balance, leadership development, overcoming self-sabotage, creating healthy habits, managing stress and burnout, and building presence and focus.

At Coppei Collective:

Sara empowers her clients to elevate their leadership alongside their professional and personal goals. With Sara’s support, individuals gain greater clarity to make a meaningful impact and embrace their authentic selves.


With a background in both traditional and digital advertising, Sara has over 13 years of corporate experience, including team leadership, account management strategy, operations management, employee development, and leadership coaching.

Sara previously led the Seattle Advertising Services and National Business Operations teams at Publicis Sapient. She also executed recruitment and branding campaigns at JWTEC and large-scale corporate event registration at CRG Events. Leveraging her foundation of corporate, leadership, and life experiences, Sara built her private coaching practice to expand her impact.

Education and Training:

Sara is a graduate of the University of Washington with a degree in Communications. She is a certified Human Potential Coach through the Human Potential Institute (CHPC), certified Health Coach through the Health Coach Institute (HCI-CHC), and ICF PCC candidate. Sara has also completed the Co-Active Training Institute’s (CTI) Co-Active Fundamentals & Coach Training programs.

Trainings and Workshops Conducted:

  • Leadership Style & Skills Development
  • Life & Career Fulfillment – Understanding Passion, Values, & Purpose
  • Managing Stress & Burnout
  • Building Job Candidate Skills
  • Navigating Career Transition
  • Goal Planning & Visualization
  • Leadership Circle Profile 360™
  • Collective Leadership Assessment™

Leadership Today:

Everyone possesses the capacity for leadership, no matter the title or job description. We unlock our true potential by embracing our unique leadership style and authentic self. Through continuous reflection and growth, we become the best version of ourselves and inspire others to do the same.

What clients say about Sara:

“Sara customized her approach based on my needs and current situation, allowing me to get the support I needed to address my unique challenges and opportunities for growth. I sincerely appreciate the flexibility as well as the breadth of insight to explore growth opportunities at multiple levels. As a result, I have specific actions and goals at each level that span short to long-term, simple to complex, personal to professional, team to organization that will help me continue to grow in role and find fulfillment in the broader context of my life.”

“Sara helped me grow and lean into things that I would have otherwise never thought about. She was someone I could bounce ideas off of and she encouraged me every time we spoke. I looked forward to each 1:1.”

“Sara’s coaching encouraged me to increase my self-confidence and helped me identify individual strengths and development opportunities to increase my contributions to the team.”

Important qualities Sara brings to her clients:

Honesty, empathy, authenticity, curiosity, perspective, playfulness, and fun.

When Not Working:

 Sara enjoys anything involving the outdoors and being active. You can find her on the soccer fields or running most days of the week in Seattle. Sara is also a martial arts instructor and holds a 3rd degree black belt in taekwondo. When she is not in the dojang, she also appreciates chill time with family and friends including her husband David, their two cats Puma and Bear, and two goldens Komodo and Yeti.