Deborah Cragen-Larsen

Deb has been a managing partner of Coppei Collective since 2006. Her experience in a variety of industries including healthcare and high tech lead her to her passion of creating solutions that bring out the best in people.  Her belief is people are an organizations top asset and investing their development improves performance, develops loyalty and can directly impact the bottom line. Leaders and managers seek Deb and her team to strategically build and launch programs that help organizations and their people thrive.

At Coppei Collective: In the position of partner and CEO Deb is responsible for running all aspects of the business. Teams and leaders seek Deb and her team when they are looking for world-class solutions that to grow their leader and employee capability. As a trusted partner, Deb develops creative programs and solutions that align to company values and enable employees, managers and leaders to evolve to their highest potential. Deb partners with Michele Goedde who owns management of the team, internal training and development to ensure our team is always at the forefront of coaching and employee development.

Experience: Deb’s career has always focused on developing people and programs. Deb started her career in healthcare focusing on improving patient programs and expanding the lines of communication.  Deb moved to Human Resources at Microsoft starting in College Recruiting and then moving into People and Organizational Development Roles. Deb then spent two years in the Marketing Organization running development programs for the marketing community. During her time in marketing she also focused on manager development and ways to expand people manager capability. Her focus each and every day at Coppei is to provide world class programs to clients that enable them to deliver world class results through their people.

Education and Training: Deb holds a BA in Psychology from Washington State University. She has focused her business training in the areas of communications, Storytelling, and Executive Thought Leadership.

Leadership Today: Requires open mindedness and a growth mindset that each and every on one of us have the potential to be leaders.

Important qualities Deb brings to her clients: Honesty, integrity, responsiveness and a genuine sense of caring for each client.

When Not Working: You’ll find Deb with her family playing tennis, hiking, travelling and trying new foods. Her passion for education also leads her to volunteer in local schools.