Michele Goedde

Michele is a leadership coach, manager coach and personal coach. Her clients range from individuals to executives worldwide. She is known for helping people at all levels identify, develop and embrace their authentic style. She coaches managers to think as people leaders to build high-performing teams through excellence in management techniques and strategies for individual development. As a Certified NeuroTransformational Coach Michele includes the science behind why and how we change, neuroplasticity, as a tool to amplify awareness and sustained growth.

At Coppei Collective: Michele is a leadership coach working with managers and leaders to understand what they value, their key motivators and how to lead with their authentic style. Michele is passionate about effective management as a path to high performing teams, retention and development. She combines deep expertise in navigating the corporate waters and the dynamics that exist between people.  She is also a Managing Partner focused on development and delivery of programs by hiring, training and leading high performing coach teams.

Experience: While in Human Resources at Microsoft, Michele partnered with leaders across all levels and around the globe. She led University Recruiting during some of the company’s greatest growth years, advocating for entry level talent and piloting technology innovations for tracking success. Before all that, Michele was a General Manager in the restaurant business where she honed her personal leadership and people skills. Michele is an avid student of human behavior, the science of change and workplace dynamics.

Education and Training:

• BEabove Leadership, Certified NeuroTransformational Coach (CNTC), Train the Trainer Program (February, 2019)
The Coaches Training Institute, Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC)
MA in Applied Behavioral Science
BA in Hotel and Restaurant Administration

Leadership today: Is about authenticity, curiosity and resilience.

What clients say about Michele:

• “I had never realized until coaching with Michele, how easy it is to only see things one way. Michele has helped me to open my mind to looking at things that are challenging in many different ways. Michele is helping me to catch old bad habits and replace them with new more healthy perspectives. I feel like my confidence and self esteem/self worth has improved immensely since we started working together and I am reaching more of my goals faster than ever before. That, I am very thankful for.”
“With Michele’s insightful coaching, I found the courage to see myself clearly as more than an Executive Communications Manager for a president at a Fortune 10 company, but as his Chief Storyteller. She encouraged me to think fearlessly about how I could make the biggest impact and leave a meaningful, lasting legacy–even if my work and approach to true storytelling might startle and unsettle others temporarily. That Michele-infused fearlessness is the heartbeat of my new career: encouraging corporations, non-profits, and governmental agencies around the country to find and tell their own authentic, meaningful stories.”

Important qualities Michele brings to her clients:  A passion for possibility. Michele is a fearless advocate for her clients and brings warmth humor and challenge to the process of growth.

When not working: Michele keeps her creative well full as a world traveler, ardent gardener and figure skater.