Judith Young

Judith helps individuals and organizations build greater presence, clarity and resilience. Through Judith’s coaching, training and facilitation, her clients experience and report a greater ability to lead with presence and grounded confidence, focus and prioritize, sync intention with impact, adapt resiliently, and find genuine joy in what they do and how they do it.

At Coppei Collective: Judith is a leadership coach supporting employees and managers in career transition to quickly catch their stride of success and impact.  She also offers customized seminars and series for teams to increase engagement and effectiveness. 

Experience:  Judith enjoyed her initial career years in Los Angeles in production managing film and video projects, followed by senior level marketing communications at Microsoft. Her passion for catalyzing individual and organizational transformation led her to become a certified professional coach, trainer and facilitator. Judith works with individuals and teams at Microsoft, Amazon, Nordstrom, Zillow Group, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as non-profits and smaller companies.

Education and Training:  Judith holds a Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science and coaching certification (CPC) from The College of Executive Coaching.  She is an avid experiential learner who enjoys several workshops, trainings and retreats each year to keep her skills fresh and evolving. 

Trainings and Workshops Conducted:
•  Centered at Work sessions engage teams with facilitation, guidance and tools to increase presence, clarity and resilience.  Judith works with organizations and teams to create cultures of lived and expressed values, such as trust, excellence and balance.
•  Judith incorporates assessments into her individual and team coaching, according to what will bring the greatest benefit: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, California Psychological Inventory CPI-260 assessment, FIRO-B (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation) assessment, StrengthsFinder (CliftonStrengths), and Centered Values Assessment. 

Leadership today: Requires genuine presence and partnership. Presence (awareness, mindfulness, intuition, insight, clarity) is the foundational quality that supports the modern leader’s need for immediate perspective-taking, agile and responsive thinking, constant self-awareness and self-responsibility, and an authentic connection with others. 

Important qualities Judith brings to her clients: Partnership creates a culture of cooperation, loyalty and even love.

When not working:  You’ll find me with my family, traveling, enjoying nature, practicing yoga, meditating, and teaching meditation and mindfulness. I feel blessed to love what I do in work and in life.