Kelsey Berg

Through her years of coaching, Kelsey understands that the power of coaching is in the relationship, not the coach. Coaching provides an invaluable space for development. Taking a class may teach you a certain skill but the person is left to figure out how to make the change. Very typically the change is not sustained because the core internal behavior and thought processes remain.

Using Neuro based coaching she helps her clients build crucial connections and new neuropathways. This is often where coaching is most effective. By focusing attention on and repeatedly practicing new, desirable behaviors clients redirect their brains’ chemical, hormonal, and physical resources to create new pathways. The old ones, meanwhile, wither from lack of use.

The brain becomes more flexible, which increases effectiveness and your ability to solve complex problems. You become more effective and think more creatively.

At Coppei Collective: Kelsey works with a wide variety of mid-career and executive level clients, focusing on 1-1 coaching designed to help clients meet their goals and become more successful, focused, and strong. Together, they build the skills needed to support lasting change by combining neuroscience, consciousness and coaching.

Experience: Before Kelsey trained and certified as a coach she worked in HR across a wide range of industries and sectors including lengthy stints at complex, fast-paced companies such as Microsoft and Washington Mutual.  She has worked with non-profits and start-ups and held senior management positions at innovative high technology companies like Intellectual Ventures Management and RootMetrics.

Education and Training:  Kelsey’s education includes studies in human resource management at Seattle Pacific University and National Employment Law Institute. She holds a CPCC coaching certification through CTI International and ACC through the International Coaching Federation. Always learning and growing, Kelsey was recently certified in Neuro based coaching skills as a CNTC – Certified NeuroTransformational Coach. She became fascinated with neuroscience after experiencing some PTSD symptoms following a serious health scare. Through her healing, she learned that the brain is adaptable and pliable and can create new pathways of thinking. This led her to explore the ways she can use this knowledge to help clients change their negative thoughts into productive, positive life changes.

Trainings and Workshops Conducted:
• Coaching skills for People Leaders
• Effective Interviewing
• Defining and designing core values and culture

Leadership today: Is about authentically caring, asking, listening and learning what your team needs to succeed.  It’s about being flexible and knowing when to lead from the front and when to flex and lead from a position of support. It’s about learning what is needed and when.

What clients say about Kelsey:
• Kelsey Berg coached me during my onboarding process at Microsoft through the MCB Onboarding Program Career. She has an incredible ability to maximize the limited sessions and cover all essential elements that were key to optimal performance during my first quarter. Her coaching technique addressed uncertainties felt by a new hire; clear directions to significant productivity; cultural and social awareness and actionable components to success.
Kelsey was like a full-time member of our senior leadership team, while providing the value of a fractional Human Resources lead for us for several years during the crucial growth period in our company when every possible professional development, human resource, and recruitment issue that could ever arise did! She was such a pleasure to work with during her entire tenure with us. If I were building a company or looking to hire a full time Human Capital leader for an established one, Kelsey would be the first person I would call and try to recruit away from whatever lucky company she was working for at the time. As asset to any organization, and its senior leadership team as well.
Wow! Kelsey Berg rocked! Her coaching helped me get through my 90-day plan in 60 days. I have developed and gained leadership buy-in for a strategy that will likely now go global given the early success that we’re seeing.

Important qualities Kelsey brings to her clients: Two of Kelsey’s core values are kindness and being brave.  She leads with these and will give her all in service to her client’s goals.  She expects the best from her clients, will make direct requests and speak the truth and promises to have fun along the way!

When not working: When I’m not working you can find me treasure hunting with my two grandsons, training for my next half marathon or adventuring / road tripping down the 101. I live in the Seattle area with my husband of 32 years, Malla (a rescue pup from Texas), and two cats who run the house. We have two grown daughters, two grandsons, and a granddaughter. I am the opposite of a drama queen and love living a quiet life.